All of his kids are Arthurs kids according to wikipedia, including a bastard to Eleirch, also named Eleirch in the game. The idea of him as a knight in armor is almost certainly a medieval invention, based on ideas of chivalry in the high medieval period. This sentiment was elaborated upon by Walter Bower and by Hector Boece, who in his Historia Gentis Scotorum goes so far as to say Arthur and Mordred's brother Gawain were traitors and villains and Arthur usurped the throne from Mordred. Hellboy Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Avalon: the island where the dying Arthur was treated after his final battle at Camlann, and where Excalibur was forged. Geoffrey puts it at the other end of England, by the river Camblam in Cornwall. As Modredus, Mordred was depicted as Arthur's traitorous nephew and a legitimate son of King Lot in Geoffrey of Monmouth's pseudo-historical work Historia Regum Britanniae which then served as the basis for the following evolution of the legend since the 12th century. Many places around the British Isles and even further afield claim to have connections with Arthur. [46] Keira Knightley, then a rising starlet, portrays a semi-naked Woad warrior. In Geoffrey's influential Historia Regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain), written around 1136, Modredus (Mordred) is portrayed as the nephew of and traitor to Arthur. King Arthur - Hellboy Wiki. He describes Gruffudd as having eissor Medrawd ("the nature of Medrawd") as to have valour in battle. In the ensuing fighting, Mordred personally slays his cousin Yvain after the latter's rescue of the unhorsed Arthur and then he decapitates the already badly wounded Sagramore. Family Malory's telling is a variant of the original account from the Vulgate Mort Artu, in which Arthur and Mordred both charge at each other on horses three times until Arthur drives his lance through Mordred's body, but then fully withdraws it (a ray of sunlight even shines through the hole) before Mordred's sword powerfully strikes his head and they both fall from their saddles. It also suggests that Knightley's character was tortured on the rack, which didn't arrive in Britain until nearly 1000 years later.[46]. Tintagel is a real village in Cornwall, with a 12th century castle and some older archaeological sites. Morgan Le Fay (Half-sister)Mordred (Bastard son)Sarah Hughes (Descendant)Hellboy (Descendant) These and many other versions of the legend feature the motif of Arthur and Mordred striking down each other in a duel after most of the others on both sides have died. Nominations and campaigning for the RationalWiki 2020 Moderator Election is underway and will end on November 23. Camlann: where Arthur was defeated. ), Arthur was a hugely popular figure from the 12th century, especially in France, with Chretien de Troyes contributing much to the legend. Despite being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind such historical nightmares as Pearl Harbor, numerous Pirates of the Caribbean, and the National Treasure franchise, this presented itself in trailers as offering "the true story that inspired the legend", and claiming to tell a story based on what recent archaeological discoveries had shown was the truth about Arthur. In early literature derived from Geoffrey's Historia, Mordred was considered the legitimate son of Arthur's sister or half-sister queen variably known as Anna or Morgause (Orcades / Morcades / Morgawse / Margawse) with her husband, Lot (Loth), the king of either Lothian or Orkney. In the Historia and certain other texts, such as the Alliterative Morte Arthure reimagination of the Historia where Mordred is portrayed sympathetically, Mordred marries Guinevere consensually after he takes the throne. His figure seemed to have been regarded positively in the early Welsh tradition and may have been related to that of Arthur's son. Another hagiography, The Legend of St Goeznovius (traditionally dated to 1019 although now more likely thought 12th or 13th century), mentions "the great Arthur, King of the Britons" defeating Vortigern and briefly driving out the Saxons, only for them to return after his death. Mordred's few opponents during his brief rule included Kay, who was gravely wounded by Mordred's supporters and died after fleeing to Brittany. Camelot: the supposed location of Arthur's castle, apparently made up by Chrétien de Troyes in the 12th century; most historians believe it's. Guinevere instead returns to Caerleon without a concern for the children. Adultery is still tied to her role in these later romances, but Mordred has been replaced in this role by Lancelot. King Arthur was a legendary King of England or Britannia during the Middle Ages. [32] That would fit in more comfortably around 500 CE as a native Briton leader of some sort. (The original text says that Arthur and Mordred died in the battle - not that they were on opposite sides.) In the Prose Merlin part of Vulgate Cycle, Mordred's elder half-brother Gawain saves the infant Mordred and their mother Morgause from the Saxon king Taurus. Species Badon: site of an Arthurian victory. You have ruined me and the kingdom of Logres, and you have died for it. [2][3], The earliest surviving mention of Mordred (referred to as Medraut) is found in an entry for the year 537 in the chronicle Annales Cambriae (The Annals of Wales), which references his name in an association with the Battle of Camlann. The main sites of Arthurian legend are listed below, together with alleged real world counterparts. "The strife of Camlann, in which Arthur and Medraut fell. Interestingly, he doesn't have a wiki link even tho this is obviously Arthur. Given that the Abbey was in sore need of funds following a disastrous fire in 1189, and that the news of the discovery of Arthur's grave undermined a Welsh rebellion against Henry II (which had been encouraged by rumours that Arthur had returned to life to lead the revolt), modern historians consider that the alleged grave was a fabrication. One example is Preiddeu Annwfn (The Spoils of Annwfn), an enigmatic poem that was written some time between the late 6th century and around 900 CE, which describes a journey that an unnamed narrator made with Arthur to Annwn, the underworld of Welsh mythology. Therefore, the most common assessment by Arthur fans is that he probably lived around 500 CE. Tintagel: where Arthur was conceived after Uthur sneaked in and had his way with Igraine, wife of the Duke of Cornwall, resulting in the birth of Arthur. [23] Geoffrey's account of the episode may be based on Constantine's murder of two "royal youths" as mentioned by the 6th-century writer Gildas. There are a number of obvious problems with this: firstly it's far too early for him to have fought the Saxons, and secondly Artorius did most of his soldiering in Croatia, which is a long way from Britain. There are also claims that he was Scottish or even French or Breton, or possibly Roman (which maybe ties in with the idea that the British Empire was a successor to the Roman). The text adds that "there was much good in Mordred, and as soon a she made himself elevated go the throne, he made himself well beloved by all," and so they were "ready to die to defend [his] honor" once Arthur returned with his army. There have been also alternative stories of Mordred's demise. In this branch of the legend, the young Mordred later joins Arthur's fellowship of the Round Table after Merlin's downfall. [46], Other things are even sillier. The version of the Arthur legend which is well known today was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth (1100-1155) some five centuries or so after Arthur's time and probably represents a confabulation of legends, earlier sources of dubious accuracy such as Nennius, and items from his own imagination. Geoffrey of Monmouth links him to the Saxon invasions of Britain, which are generally placed around that date; likewise despite the lack of clear references the Battle of Badon (or Badon Hill) is placed in the late 5th or early 6th century.[28][29]. [14], In the early 13th century, the Old French literature of the chivalric romance genre expanded on the history of Mordred prior to the civil war with Arthur. Occupation During Arthur's absence, Modredus crowns himself king and lives in an adulterous union with Arthur's wife, Ganhumara (Guinevere). However there are some versions that claim to tell the real story. [25], The elder of Mordred's sons is named Melehan (evolved from Melou in Layamon's Brut) in the Lancelot-Grail and the Post-Vulgate. [26], Virtually everywhere Mordred appears, his name is synonymous with treason. In 1191 the monks of Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, England, announced the discovery of the grave of King Arthur. [24] In the Alliterative Morte Arthure, the dying Arthur personally orders Constantine to kill Mordred's infant children as Guinevere had been asked by Mordred to flee with them to Ireland. Stories always number them as two, though they are usually not named, nor is their mother. Games Movies TV Video. The Welsh in their wisdom know the sword as the much easier to spell and pronounce, Treherne, R. F. 'The Glastonbury Legends' Cresset London 1967, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Legend of King Arthur 'is NOT a British tale and was stolen from the French', How King Arthur became one of the most pervasive legends of all time, Medieval Sourcebook: The Annales Cambriae 447-954 (The Annals of Wales), Medieval Sourcebook: Adamnan: Life of St. Columba, Vita Sancti Paternus (The Life of St. Padarn), Arthurian Passages from The History of the Kings of Britain, Avalon: Real Island, Obscured Legend, Or Just Legendary Island, King Arthur: Keira and the grumpy knights of the unsound table, Janko Vracar, a historian of the Republika Srpska Museum, told … [18][19] Coming at leat 500 years after Arthur, this text is not historical evidence but indicates transmission of a legend. Today, however, he is best known as Arthur's own illegitimate son by Morgause in the motif introduced in the Vulgate Cycle, in which their union happens at the time when neither of them have yet known of their blood relation. Supposedly sent by numerous fairies including his (later) half-sister Morgan to Avalon - now known as conflated with Glastonbury, the centre of much New Agery.

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