Downloads: 323. Certificates with digital signatures will be generated with range qualified values. Enter the Project information. Here’s an example that asks an operator to complete the same weld on two parts in a row: This will require some process changes in order to work with all members of your manufacturing team. Downloads: 442. PQR: It stands for procedure qualification record and it documents all the essential variables and additional details recorded during its qualification, the testings (Nondestructive and destructive) carried out and signed by Welding Engineer and in most of the cases reviewed/witnessed by TPI (Third party inspector) depending on the customer/client requirements. Weld mapping is the process of assigning information to a weld joint for traceability. A weld map with WPS, welder, and NDE is not often done for structural steel welding in the field. Gun Ratio-Varies for X guns, C gun equals 1 Weld Tip Force-The tip force required for the welding process. Weld mapping is the process of assigning information to a weld joint for traceability. This will help you understand where operators spend their time. Drawings, NDE test reports, and other documents can be stored by project. Or you may want to make a report for a weekly meeting. Weld mapping techniques have been discussed in these forums for long and as aproject manager I have grappled with the most cost effective technique to use to satisfy code requirements and some stringent client specifications. Short Description: Submitted By: JohnDoyle[Admin] Submitted On: 29 Jan 2008. Our services. Most spreadsheets are full of numbers. Welder’s logs are updated automatically for continuity. So here’s how to plan and execute your first automated weld log in a Tulip app. From above, the author will utilize GTAW & SMAW process (as per ASME SEC IX) for procedure and performance qualification and considering the minimum design metal temperature (MDMT) of the Vessel to be 0 °C there are no impact requirements applicable (Refer UCS -66) and also the governing thickness (Refer UW-40 for details) is less than 38 mm there is no need to carry out post-weld heat treatment (PWHT). In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. A sequence is the full motion profile shown below. Every single entry from the operator can be saved and later analyzed. – Average Process Completion Time by Operator: You can combine all the welds within a process into one chart, and compare the average by operator. Your email address will not be published. Short Description: Submitted By: JohnDoyle[Admin] Submitted On: … Here’s an example of a form that allows operators to add detail on each individual weld. I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than ten years of work experience in the field of welding and NDT. (Note: The purpose of this article is to give a general guideline to the readers and it shall not be considered as a substitute of code. But that could take hours, and it creates the risk that the data might be copied incorrectly. 1. Use of this site indicates acceptance of our Privacy Policy. For further information on how we protect your information, please refer to our Privacy Notice. You can build an automated weld log in Tulip for free. Welds / Sequence-The number of welds in a repeating pattern that completes a weld sequence. Operators and inspectors can input their data into a ruggedized tablet (or laptop) at a workstation. Some of them include text. Weld mapping. This can be used for multiple replacement locations (one AFE many replacements on a line), 3. Weld 15 Intro Welding for Metalworking Enter "X" in boxes as appropriate CSLO 1 Student will gain knowledge of safety standards for both a learning enviroment and worksite enviroment with focus on SMAW, GMAW, GTAW welding processes, plus OFC, PAC cutting processes, and hand and power tool equipment used in the building of assigned student project. All rights reserved. At Curtiss-Wright, we promise to treat your data with respect and only share it with our representatives and distributors for the purpose outlined on the form. Once operators start using the app, you can share data with executives and other engineers. Weld maps should be part of your Quality Assurance program if you fabricate critical components or repair critical components, or the client requests it. A weld map with WPS, welder, and NDE is not often done for structural steel welding in the field. Downloads: 323. Plate Stress to Partial Penetration Fillet Weld Stress. Rating: 4 Details . Exlar Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) Request. The system should eliminate repetitive data entry that interrupts the operator’s day. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Summary of ASME BPVC Section VIII Div 1 (Part 2), How To Make Weld Map, Shop Weld Plan, WPS, PQR & WPQ for A Static Pressure Vessel (Part-2), How To Make Weld Map, Shop Weld Plan, WPS, PQR & WPQ for A Static Pressure Vessel (Part-3). Imagine how much time you can save with such a feature. MaxTrax™ 7 is a browser-based software solution for weld tracking and Quality Assurance/Quality Control in the process and Power plant construction industry. Detailed logs are available by welder, with all the welds ever done by the welder, by WPS, process, position and by job. You can integrate devices with your Tulip app to reduce this waste. Below we show a typical weld gun motion profile, please fill in the required boxes to help us determine the best actuator solution for your welding application. © 2015-2020 Curtiss-Wright. Get started today with a free Tulip trial. EXECUTING With colorful, graphic weld mapping;

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