‘I chose you for your integrity and your generosity,’ she quotes him as having said. Y aunque el sicario del cartel de Medellín se llevó algunos secretos de Escobar a la tumba, durante varias entrevistas reveló cuantiosos detalles sobre el estilo de vida de su patrón y en particular sobre Wendy Chavarriaga Gil, la mujer que ambos amaron y que el narcotraficante mandó a matar. Balance del feriado: sector turístico registró ganancias, pero autoridades... Encuentran evidencia de antiguas inundaciones en Marte, Proyecto ZIEMBRA busca levantar emprendimientos a través de huertos urbanos, Prisión preventiva para procesado por presunto homicidio. –Pues usted tiene toda la razón, patrón. «Pasé, la miré muerta en el charco de sangré y me sentí aliviado», completó. In 1991 he made a deal with the government: they agreed to drop the extradition order; in return, he would move into La Catedral, a private prison he had built in Evigado. Pablo hace llamar a Popeye y le pone la grabación. “Entendí que tenía que matarla. The countdown on Escobar’s life began in July 1992 amid rumours that the government was planning to reinstate the extradition order. While Henao goes into tedious detail about auditing and distributing Escobar’s assets – probably because the Argentinian government has twice charged her with money-laundering – she’s vague when it comes to how much was left. Esto es gravísimo. Mrs Escobar, Henao’s record of her years as the long-suffering wife of the world’s most infamous drug trafficker, opens with a question she has often been asked: ‘How could you sleep with that monster?’ Her answer is that she loved him, and, in retrospect, that she was too afraid to leave. Velásquez was then given a choice: "love or death, money or lead (plata o plomo)". Era una mujer muy cara. TOP10 stories on Dazzling News. While Search Bloc hunted for him, his family and associates were being targeted by Los Pepes (‘Persecuted by Pablo Escobar’), a vigilante group formed of his victims’ relatives, Cali cartel leaders and ex-Medellín members who had turned against him. Popeye, se quedó fuera, con un teléfono. One of the more memorable visitors to the hacienda was Virginia Vallejo, a TV presenter who claimed to be a descendant of Charlemagne and socialised exclusively with the Colombian elite. Henao knew about Escobar’s activities from news reports, and the occasional ‘stray comment made by his men’ – she was never let in on the details and didn’t seem to want to know. Comisión recomienda censura y destitución de la ministra de Gobierno María Paula Romo, Ministerio del Trabajo emite cuatro nuevas modalidades laborales a nivel nacional, Asamblea aprueba normativa que regula la utilización de plásticos de un solo uso, incluye prohibiciones e incentivos. **Este post intercala declaraciones reales de Popeye, con fotogramas de la telenovela «Pablo Escobar: el Patrón del Mal» de Caracol Televisión. How to make him pay attention to you on Instagram! Convinced that she and her children would be next, Henao decided to apply for asylum in Germany, but they were refused entry at Frankfurt: Vallejo had tipped off officials about their arrival. ‘Play your cards well, my love; although you’ve lived a lot, you are still a child, and you have time to correct almost all your mistakes,’ she told him, a year into his existential war with the government.

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