Please contact a reputed Vastu expert on the matter for better assistance. Main entrance for the apartments is north face. For other Vastu related details, please consult a Vastu expert. Respected sir I have plan to buy house in west facing. Make use of the above guidelines to select the best property. It not only completes your home but also gives you an opportunity to add that special corner. While preparing the West facing house Vastu plan, it is radvisable to place the main building structure to the South West side and leave open spaces in the North and East sides. Balconies towards north and east should be wider than the ones in the south and west if at all constructed. A North facing house or an East facing house as per Vastu is the most preferred choice of most people. Vastu for Bedroom: 9 Ideas Nobody Told You About ! Though the kitchen is ideal in the South East or the North West of the house, it is also permissible in the West in certain cases. Please do suggest a plan according to Vastu. My plot is gaumukhi type extended toward northeast corner….and west facing plot ….what would be suitable for me …as for kitchen bathroom front doors borewell and all plzz suggest through email…. You can consult a local Vastu expert while planning or constructing your home. Sir ,I hv purchased a west facing plot, a electric feeder box is there in South west in front of it ok.if not what to do? This is because a west facing house is generally the third choice for most people. According to Vastu Shastra the best place of balcony North and East direction. Plots that are narrow from the front and wide in the rear are called as Gaumukhi Plots. Moreover, it gives shelter from rain, direct sunlight and storm. This also helps to attract fortune and prosperity in abundance. Kitchen is at South west of the plot / house direction. Their is no peace & love in our house. Iam rented house facing is west ,iam ready-made business man,want to correction or no. But, every side comes with its pros and cons, there is no such side which is considered bad for living. Hi Sanchita, ideally home owners should avoid the seventh, eighth, and ninth padas for entrance. As per Vatsu, West facing homes facilitate the flow of positive energy into the house. They should never be rounded off, and the walls should always meet at ninety degrees. Generally, gaumukhi plots are good but given your details I would suggest you to please contact to a vastu expert and seek the desired help. Try constructing the master bedroom in the South-West,and the Kitchen in the South-East direction. The increase in the trend of living in apartment buildings with balconies have taken the place of courtyards. • Placement of the Guest Bedroom: If you are willing to have a guest bedroom in the house. The first and second choices for homes are north and east-facing doors with West being the third-choice. The balconies should run all along from north to northeast or from northeast to east. This is a distinct disadvantage of West facing houses as per Vastu. Never locate a bore-well or water sump in the south-west of the house. To get a more specific advise, we suggest you consult a professional Vastu specialist.Thanks, My flat is west facing and unfortunately the door is located at 7th Padam in west side. According to you the Toilet should not be in the SW zone can it be in SSW. Hi Vinod, consulting a Vastu expert would be better as they have a sound knowledge regarding the directions and other Vastu things. • Placement for Bedroom: There are many rooms in the house, from the living room to pooja room to master bedroom. Suggest you to consult the Vastu Expert to know more about it. This gives a cut in the vital part of the house, which is northeast. is it a right choice for to go ahead for rental in this flat? Please suggest. We suggest you to consult a local Vastu expert for remedies around the same. The height of the balcony roof should be lower than the roof of the main building. What is the problem with West facing plots? East, west, south and north, all the sides come with its own pros and cons. West fasing I find . Disclaimer: is a Real Estate Marketplace platform to facilitate transactions between Seller and Customer/Buyer/User and and is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transactions between the Seller and the Customer/Buyer/User. If you cannot place it in these directions, try having the entrance in the first or second Pada. Here, Vastu plays an important role. These are especially considered good for people who are politicians, business owners, religious leaders, or teachers. West facing house Vastu is an interesting topic to dwell upon. The connoisseurs can best help you with the problem. Since the house might also have a major part in the South West or North West in the front, an ideal entrance may not be possible a lot of times. Vastu prescribes certain principles for construction of house on a west facing plot. facing house. may be north west side. South west car park area. Buyer attention | Higher Visibility | More Responses, Sacham Highway Realestate Private Limited, Arms Real Estate Developers Private Limited. The floor of the west-facing home should be higher than the East. But cutting in haphazard manner results in defective vastu, which brings in bad luck. As per Vastu, the main door of a west-facing home can be located in any of the two Padas, i.e. What are the advantages of west facing house? South west is little extended compared to South East South or West is considered negative directions for building a balcony. A Balcony is a platform that projects from the wall of the building and is blocked by a number Vastu for Balconyrailings. East Facing House Vastu : Are They Really Auspicious? (Krishnamurthy Paddhati), "Tarot Card Reading" Each part is called as Pada (or step) in Vastu Shastra. The Easiest way to lower blood pressure…and it’s Absolutely Free ! Thanks. From the image above, one can understand that West side of the house, i.e. As per point 9, I wasn’t able to find any mention of Hanumanji tiles in the rest of the article. West facing plots are somewhat challenging, but there is no such thing that does not come with a solution. Strictly follow this rule while preparing the North facing house Vastu plan. Hi, as per Vastu, you should avoid using metals for doors and frames. I am planning to buy a flat which is west facing towards the left side ie. Balconies are special. The plots main entrance is in 4th pada but the main entrance of the house is in 6th & 7th padas. The kitchen is the place which brings contentment, satisfaction and prosperity in the house, and when it comes to west facing houses, kitchen plays a vital role. and the main door is west facing and it opens in anti clock direction. Any suggestion to improve the vastu defects, in case of any. One of the major advantages of a west-facing home is that the residents can get the warmth and glow of the sun even until late hours. The second option of balcony is North East and South East are best directions. Thank you kindly. also Bathroom in south side. So is there something i should consider or is it fine? This is the ideal direction since this is the area that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. It may or may not have a roof. This makes it ideal to make the bedrooms in the front side of a West facing house. Scientific studies conducted in this area have proven that positive surroundings and good vibes contribute the maximum to the success of individuals.

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