Carmen | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SLOWLY, SADLY. He gave Vicki an envelope detailing the nature of the Joker's Smylex poison and told her to take it to the press. Sheriff Sam Parker | Vicki then gave a sigh of relief and they both reached the ground safely. During dinner at Wayne Manor, the two had trouble communicating as they each sat at the end of an incredibly long dining table. Road Runner, Movies The Joker was not so lucky. Elle Brody | Ripkuna | She was portrayed by Kim Basinger. Batman | Elmer Fudd | "I had to tell him that I didn't know," Burton recalled. Unbeknownst to her, they were the same person. He agrees to an interview/date with her. Wayne and Vale developed a romantic interest in one another and he invited her back to the mansion for a romantic, yet awkward, dinner. Mason Weaver | Joseph Brody | Vicki Vale remained a prominent character in Batman stories from Batman #49, in 1948, until Detective #320 in October 1963. Vale and Knox were invited to attend a charity function hosted by Bruce Wayne at his palatial Wayne Manor estate. Queen Ant | Vicki awoke in the middle of the night and saw Bruce training with inversion equipment. Bruce Wayne (Lover)Alexander Knox (Work Colleague/Friend)Alfred Pennyworth A hard question for VICKI to answer. She was now married and known as Vicki Vale Powers. Memphis | Madison Russell | She calls Wayne Manor and threatens to publish the article if Bruce does not meet with her to discuss it. Vicki convinced Alfred to let her see Bruce while working in the cave, with the hopes that she could convince Bruce that he didn't need to be Batman. 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As they both looked over to see if Joker had survived, the Clown Prince of Crime pulled both Batman and Vicki off of the Gotham Cathedral ledge. Vicki was first seen during the opening cutscene at Bruce Wayne's press conference outside Arkham City and during the "Rescuing Vicki Vale" mission. Nya | Emmet Brickowski | Fred Jones | My e-mail address is Often, those originally intended to die on screen are "saved" later in the filmmaking process – for instance, Robin Williams' character in “Dead Poet's Society,” Duke in “G.I. X-Men: Did Wolverine Really Just Kill an X of Swords Powerhouse? He offered to give Vicki a hand back up, but it turned out to be a gag with a detachable joke hand which made Vicki scream with fright and on the verge of falling, but was quickly hoisted back up by Batman. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Annie Hughes | In Batman and Robin #18, another ex-Wayne Girl, now a villain called The Absence, comes looking to rip out Vicki's eyes. In later, Batman visited Vicki's apartment as Bruce Wayne. San Lin | Leah Estrogen | Later on, Vicki once again interviewed the former warden on Gotham Nightliner, which she co-hosted, where he apparently kept stumbling in keeping a consistent or logical story, finally convincing her of her suspicions. Jason Stone | Emma Russell | Discover whether Batman's love interest Vicki Vale was originally going to be killed by the Joker in Tim Burton's 1989 blockbuster. In a 2017 interview with The Daily Beast, Basinger revealed she was a fan of the Christopher Nolan films. Wendy Torrance | Kim Basinger VickiVic Vicki in Bruce Wayne's Armory at Wayne Manor. Rip's Family | As they barely hung on, the Joker insanely taunted them. Richie Norris | This happens in Issue 9 of Red Robin where Wayne/Elliot avoids questions. Starfire | During the ensuing fight between Batman and the Joker's henchmen, Vicki took pictures of Batman with her camera and put the film in her bra. Alexander KnoxBatman Victoria "Vicki" Vale is the deuteragonist of the 1989 superhero film, Batman. 1 History 2 Gallery 2.1 Images 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Vicki Vale is a photographer who was known to prominence in the journalistic community due to her coverage of the violent uprisings in Corto Maltese. Batman | Cole | Houston Brooks | Hank Marlow | Reptile | Thanks to Tom Shone, Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters for the information regarding the ending of the film. Kai | Helping others.Working.Spending time with Batman. written by Bill Finger with art by Bob Kane and Lew Schwartz. Vicki taking pictures during Gotham's 200th Anniversary Parade. Feeling brushed off, Vicki became upset with Bruce and his secrecy. Scorpion | The player could listen to phone messages left for Bruce by Vicki at Wayne Tower in Lucius Fox's Office. Although Vicki was not present in Arkham Asylum, she was, however, in Arkham City. Up until the Blackgate Prison breakout, Vicki Vale and the press thought that Batman was an urban legend with the rumors that were started by the. James and the Giant Peach: James Henry Trotter | Miss Spider | Mr. Centipede | Mr. Grasshopper | Mrs. Ladybug | Earthworm | Glowworm After completing the game, Vale would be located at the Church Medical Center, interviewing Quincy Sharp about Arkham City. However, Mister Freeze arrived with some Penguin thugsand crashed the party. Frankenweenie: Victor Frankenstein | Sparky | Elsa Van Helsing | Persephone. Amusement Mile - Batcave - The Bowery - Church/Medical Center - GCPD Building - Iceberg Lounge - Industrial District - Monarch Theatre - The Museum - Park Row - Poison Ivy's Lair - Solomon Wayne Courthouse - Steel Mill - Subway - TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault - Wayne Manor - Wonder City - Wonder Tower. Robin listening to Vicki Vale interviewing Commissioner Gordon in Harley Quinn's Revenge. Dick Hallorann | Prince Cornelius | The character was written out of the script for Batman Returns. She promises him that she will never reveals his secrets. Daphne Blake | Game of Thrones: Iwan Rheon Calls Sansa Stark Rape Scene Worst Day of his Career, The Mystery of The Three and a Half Julius Schwartz Comic Book Scripts. The production team cast Danny DeVito as Penguin, and, after a pregnant Annette Bening dropped out, Michelle Pfieffer as Selina Kyle and her alter-ego, Catwoman. Xan | Bruce then asked Vicki out on a dinner date. [32], Vicki Vale appears in the Batman: Arkham series voiced by Grey DeLisle and Jules de Jongh.[38][34]. Enemies Vicki Vale was seen along with her team in Blackgate Prison when Black Mask and his men invaded it. Peter | RELATED: The Batman: Christian Bale Actually Gave Good Advice To Robert Pattinson. When they reached the top Vicki watched helplessly, as Joker used his Acid Flower to disconnect one of the cathedral's bells which then fell to the ground below and blocked the only entrance to the stairs so they wouldn't be followed, but Batman was already in hot pursuit. When Bruce and the Joker met, Bruce told him about "a guy named Jack: mean kid, bad seed, hurt people", to which the Joker replied with "I like him already". Scylla | Adam Maitland | Batman would usually manage to fool her by the end of each story into concluding that he was not really Bruce Wayne, but her suspicions would re-emerge in a later story.[4]. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the character debuted in Batman #49 (October 1948). And click here for legends just about Batman! Origin Billy the Lonely Boy | When hospitalized after an attack by the Ventriloquist, Bruce struggles over whether or not to tell her he is Batman, but decides not to, which leads to the end of their relationship. In the next issue of Gotham Gazette, "Batman Alive", Vicki sees that Bruce is not present at the gala. Aech | Bruce later regrets this when he descends into a brief depression following his defeat at the hands of Bane. [23], Vicki Vale was listed at #3 in's 2012 article, "Great Comic Book Journalists: Who's the Best of the Best? Her co-hosts included Lia Briggs, Tawny Young, and Linda Park. Good Granny | She prefers binge-watching old episodes of The Office (British and American versions) to long walks on the beach. Vicki was not bothered by this revelation and understood why Bruce led such a mysterious double life. Babydoll | Alfred Pennyworth | Jennifer has been working as a freelance writer for eight years, contributing to BuddyTV, TVRage, Hidden Remote, Gossip On This, and PopMatters. When Vicki asked what that was, Batman pulled her into an embrace and sedated her with sleeping gas, which caused her to fall unconscious.

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