It wasn’t a runaway hit overnight, but started to pick up serious momentum in the mid-80s.Today, the Camry is in its 11th production generation. Which is what Toyota was so good at doing back then: a fun car with a practical side, one that tried hard to minimize compromise while maximizing enjoyment. Throughout the years, Toyota has perfected designs, innovated and expanded the Camry in response to what car shoppers want. Here's another gem from the eighties: the Toyota MR2. It's always good to have a vehicle that eschews the practicality of the Highlander for the romance of a go-anywhere weekend. The Celica came out with a liftback version in 1976 and was named Motor Trend Import Car of the Year. If the owner was down with forking out another $4 grand or so, it's 3.0 V6 was also supercharged to approx 240hp @ 4lb boost. 185 complaints in the 2007 model year were related to the oil consumption issue. It was a perm on wheels. Toyota is far more than the Camry and Corolla. There was the TRD package Camry from the late 90's. The typical repair cost to fix the oil consumption problem was a staggering $4,333, for an engine teardown to have the rings and pistons replaced. As a mid-engine 2-seater, the MR2 was a creative exercise in making something cool that was practical and reasonably comfortable – at least in terms of fuel economy and room for two. And the best of all the generations of Camrys is the 1992 version. Land Cruiser. Maybe top five in the world, as far as works of art with wheels attached. The Toyota Camry is currently in its 11th generation, starting out as the “Celica Camry” way back in 1979, but really began to hit its stride with the V10-era Camry which launched in 1982. Anywhere? Yep. In fact, they’ve built some of the most revolutionary cars the world has ever seen. And maybe no Camry being produced in Kentucky. Of those, 24 complaints required a replacement engine. The Crown and the Corolla are perfect examples of names that have lasted over decades and generations. Over the years he's moved on to great success, and many other much better cars. As a result, their economic contribution to America is staggering: hundreds of thousands of jobs, and many billions of dollars invested. Did someone turn on the lights and take away the Cuervo Gold? How they've been responsible for some of the most notable, crazy, and yea – practical – vehicles over the span of decades and generations. This list of top Toyota Camrys includes photos of the cars that can be enlarged by clicking on them. Never got one. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Yes. Hey, here's a thought: Stop scanning this list for a second and look at this damn car.

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