Also, be sure to never use them around stairs. Currently, I use a 6 inch flying saucer for my Syrian hamster. Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to:, This is not recommended for shared computers. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Ware Flying Saucer - Flying Saucers are great alternatives to wheels. For a long time, I have been offering my dwarfs both standard wheels and saucers. Hamsters are born to run and providing them with a safe hamster wheel (also known as running wheels) gives them the opportunity to do just that. Hamsters are nocturnal so they will be using their wheels quite a bit at night while you try to sleep. Hamster balls for exercise outside of the cage are popular options for pet hamsters but they should not be considered a substitute for a hamster wheel. The only down side about the saucer is it does take up a lot of room. These wheels are typically plastic and may be flat or shaped like half of a tube. No matter how big it is, due to the shape itself, they always tend to run close to the border and with their spine slightly curved to the side. Or is the bend actually better for running? Also, I think if I used a larger flying saucer, then I might downgrade from the 12 inch silent spinner to the 8 inch comfort wheel. Hope I helped! She loves to run around and I think it would be good to give her another way of doing so. - posted in Hamster Toys Gallery: Hi, I already have a 10 inch silent runner wheel, but i’m Thinking about adding a flying saucer to my Prevue t28mcage for Chip, my dwarf hamster. The running area is non-slip and solid, plus it resists odors and stains and is easy to clean. When I got mine it literally cracked off while I was spinning it with my fingers, and they aren't very silent at all, even the new working ones I tried at the store. if ( $a.length ) She loves to run around and I think it would be good to give her another way of doing so. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Some hamsters in captivity have been reported to run up to eight kilometers a night on their hamster wheels, making them a necessity for all hamsters. The saucer wheels come in the sizes as the silent spinners. Make sure you have a loose hamster’s navel should be small in size compared with meals. Clean their cage you will known hamsters should leave their baby dwarf hamsters. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. My dwarfs have used the 7.25 inch saucers with no issues and I really couldn't imagine using a 12 inch for a dwarf. on Apr 21, 2020 Report. For instance, 6.5-inch wheels or smaller are recommended for “robos”, winter whites, and other dwarf hamsters. Her regular wheel in her cage is 31cm (= 12 inches if I calculated correctly) so I guess I‘ll need a big saucer? size medium saucer seems right for dwarf hamsters. Flying Saucer: This isn't your typical hamster wheel. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Russian Dwarf hamsters are much smaller than Syrian hamsters, but this doesn’t mean that their wheel size requirements drastically go down. You will want to get a large. What size should your hamster wheel be? The 6" is not ok for a syrian, definitely get something bigger. I know that the 6 inch flying saucer isn't very appropriate for a Syrian though. That's fine with me though, since I do have a 75 gallon tank. But, if I use a 12 inch flying saucer, it'll take up more space in my tank. Most people will have to completely disassemble the cage on a regular basis or use baby bottle brushes to clean these wheels and the rest of the tubes in the cage. I know, it's kind of confusing what I'm asking here. Elsa really enjoys running on her flying saucer, so I think it would be good if I bought her a larger one so that it doesnt cause back problems. The following wheels expand your hamsters modular home by attaching externally. CritterTrail X Exercise Wheel: This is a unique-looking wheel from CritterTrail that attaches via a Fun-nel tube. Of course she has a wheel in her cage so no worries ;). You currently have javascript disabled. As our name suggests, our primary focus is providing you with all the information you will need relating to Dwarf Hamster ownership! This website will always be 100% free, supported by the commission we receive when you purchase products after clicking on our links. Elsa really enjoys running on her flying saucer, so I think it would be good if I bought her a larger one so that it doesnt cause back problems., ;) she’s not interested in chewing and only burrows in bursts - once every month or so. For Dwarf Hamsters & Mice. It attaches to the outside of the cage and is only suitable for dwarf hamsters due to its small size. Press J to jump to the feed. size large in the flying saucer is the right size for a syrian hamster. For the wheel, 8 inches is good for a Syrian but they can still outgrow 8 inches so depends on you. jQuery(document).ready(function($){ Syrian hamster wheel size. The 12" flying saucer is WAY better! Flying saucers are ungodly expensive. Flying Saucer Wheel 6.5" - A great alternative to the average exercise wheel, features silent movement with a unique modern non-tip design. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. First DON"T get the 12" silent spinner! I think I'll buy a new, larger one tomorrow. Her regular wheel in the cage is 31cm (which translates to 12“ if I calculated correctly) - how big should her flying saucer be? Press J to jump to the feed. Which size should a flying saucer have for a Syrian hamster? These are available as a simple ball, a wheel shape that propels a car frame, and other novelty shapes. so I don't know if that would be worth it. Question. I just want to give her something else to engage with when she’s outside of the cage. Some brands are marketed as being quieter than others. But, if I use a 12 inch … 6.5 Inches Diameter. Of course, for all types of hamster… And they take *so much space*, it's already a fight to give a hamster enough space D: nevertheless, I recommend taking a look at this discussion, they also mention some sizes Your hamster should be able to run in the wheel without its back arching too much (if at all), but if the wheel is too big, your hamster will have a difficult time actually running and moving the wheel. Several functions may not work. Should be around twelve inches, like the wheel. not sure what creature is small enough to use the size small saucer. Cookies help us deliver our Services. So that is what I would do. Currently, I use a 6 inch flying saucer for my Syrian hamster. So far only one of my syrians liked their saucer and it was my girl Susie who preferred it exclusively over her actual wheel. This article will help you choose the best hamster wheel for your hamster. We recommend a minimum wheel size of 8 inches for Syrian hamsters. There’s no harm in giving your dwarf hamster a big wheel and therefore we recommend a wheel that is around 8″ in size. For example, mine has 12" upright wheel in his cage and a 12" flying saucer wheel on the floor. Solid surface wheels are better than wire wheels because little feet and legs can get injured between the wires, plus they are easier to clean than the metal options. My girl loves to run and I’ve been thinking about getting her a flying saucer for her playpen since I’ve seen pictures of other hammies that seem to enjoy it a lot. Funny thing, I was trying to find it online and having a lot of trouble because all links are about them being sold, and almost none about debates or opinions on reliable sources - because people tend to prefer not to have them. I have never used a flying saucer but I would say I think you should get a bigger one because if it's too small (which 6 inches is small for a Syrian) it can cause back problems and a lot of pain for the hamster. It’s hard to keep her engaged so I wanted to see if that might be able to hold her interest during playtime :). Several functions may not work. I’ve been thinking about getting my hammy a flying saucer for her playpen, but not sure which size would be good. I … Flying Saucer Size - posted in Supplies & Accessories: Ive been contemplating if I should spend money on the 12 inch flying saucer or not. ( 5 inch, 6.5 inch, and 12 inch) Too bad they don't make a 8 inch for syrians. } ); I’ve found one from Karlie on Amazon - ist basically a flat disc with cork on top for better grip - Karlie Holz Laufscheibe Bogie Disc mit Kork Dwarf hamster wheel size. 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