This vehicle was the answer to the rising prices of gas in the U.S. during the 70s, but still offered a sporting edge. Mike seems to still need a shampoo. Show must go on … I like Ant. Another Aussie viewer here & I have to say , Mike Brewer is a dickhead ! Only watched WD to see Edd, Mike was just embarrassing, and while Mike was the guy doing the deals I would never buy a car from such wide boy, you’d pay Edd more as he’s genuine. This list will review 10 vehicles that were a loss to the show, then 10 that produced a profit, followed by 5 odd and or rare vehicle. They were/ are really good shows but it seems that preassure causes this to happen, very sad. The entire exhaust system was replaced with stainless steel, which provides increased flow and lighter weight. Rude man. Ant Anstead was also a car builder, designer, and formally a semi-professional football player and one of the youngest armed police officers in the UK. Good luck for the future Edd x. Ed China was Wheeler Dealers Brewer is the most un genuine bullshit person ever.He and Ant are Dickheads made for each other never watch it unless its Ed,if its the other two knobs i just switch over. Taxicabs featured in the series included a yellow Hindustan Ambassador Grand and a green and yellow Bajaj RE in India, a black LTC TX4 in the UK, a black Toyota Crown Comfort in Japan, a yellow and red Volkswagen Sedan Type 1 in Mexico, a white Ford Falcon in Australia, a white Chevrolet Onix Sedan in Brazil, a yellow Dodge Charger in Texas, and a yellow Fiat 600 Multipla in Italy. He probably asked for more money and was replaced. Get the fight on now. This also took place in Series 1, Episode 7). Everything in the car is power. He did not feel the need to throw Mike under the bus. Mike Brewer is a typical pommie car salesman. The brains solves the problems and the arse operates the mouth. The show with the antique Darek car that needed a wheel repair for the annual run to Brighton had me concerned.The wheelright burned what looked like treated pine to expand a steel rim.If it was treated pallet wood it is carcinogenic. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. When you factor the cost of labor into virtually any car Wheeler dealers does, then every car loses money.. It’s really that simple you couldn’t do this unless there is on TV you go broke. Edd China, however, claimed that reducing the time in the workshop and “cutting corners” was not something he was willing to do, so he left the show after 13 years. I do wish it was still in the UK, but sometimes thing have to change in order for something to keep going. Apparently, Velocity (the channel that airs Wheeler and Dealers) and the production team had wanted to reduce workshop time to cut back on expenses. Wheeler Dealers: Mike Brewer’s side of the story, The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever (Pt2), The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever (Pt3). Think the clues are in the video clip… Mike says, ‘I TOLD HIM DO THIS DO THAT’, not being funny but who is meant to be engineer/mechanic there? Also, there are many issues that can go wrong in the business, from buying to fixing up to selling. The final cost was 20,425 pounds and it reached a final selling price of 22,500 pounds. Edd China seemed to push his fan base to the edge when it was revealed that threats had been sent to Mike Brewer, host of Wheeler Dealers. Vehicles that have either been inactive for long periods of time or purchased from outside the UK are restored and modified to pass the country's mandatory MOT test. A mid-engined Porsche 914-4 was featured on Wheeler Dealers Season 9 Episode 5, according to Whether that was because he wasn’t around as much so MB had to do more of the ‘mechnical’ stuff and was an indication of problems behind the scenes we may never know. The second half of Series 6 was aired in autumn of 2009 on Discovery Real Time. Dumbed down is an understatement. The new format is terrible, more repeating stuff than ever. the guy has zero respect for any car and cant even shut a door without slamming it shut Roscoe P. I liked wheeler dealers & enjoyed the fact that ed & Mike each did their bit. There is always enough blame to go around, both guys were important, I really don’t think Edd is the salesman type. But season 14 premiered sans Edd China. For series 1 to 6, each car was covered in two half an hour episodes (including ad breaks). Brewer goes on a field trip to procure some required parts. I think Barry Hearn should grab a piece of this Brewer, China carry on. The interior was also cleaned and vacuumed. I would put money on the fact that Mike finally realized that the show was NOT about himself. Who cares, its only a tv program, it was boring and I couldn’t stand either of them. There was one loudmouth, handshaking and shoulderpatter that was, and still is the one that should have be removed! The running lights were replaced with British-style LED traffic indicators. Here’s what you need to know. The VW Thing’s windows were refurbished, along with the seats. The Targa top was reconditioned, chrome wheel trim was removed, and the wheels were refurbished, as well. Just like so many pop & Rock groups have fallen apart previously. Worth remembering that WD was created by Mike in the beginning. According to, The Noble M12 GTO 2.5 has 310 hp and does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds thanks to a turbocharged Ford Duratec V6 engine and though the vehicle surprisingly has no antiroll bars, it still once obtained a 170 mph top speed on the oval track at the Millbrook Proving Grounds in Bedfordshire, UK. Also he might have worked on some of the cars on the show with Phil gleninister bit he didn’t build then. Shocked to see Ed not there watching this series I see super salesman trying to impress everyone with his showboating pin-striping ability and talking himself up as he does – I do actually like Ant and his presentation skills – but totally miss Ed and his brilliant mechanical buff – I also look forward to Ed possibly being picked up for his own show and not having to watch the unbearable Mike for another series. For Trading Up, Brewer drove a white Toyota Fortuner owned by a used car dealer in India. Would not touch anything from the Cockney wide boy. Nobles are low-production lightweight sports cars build in Leicester, UK. Time will tell my money is on Edd being the totoise and mike being the Hare but you have to take into considaration that empy vessels make the most noise…Good Luck and keep plodding Edd. From what I’ve seen the show shows the same if not more. Just watched 2nd episode with Ant. Ant is far less interested in cars and more interested in making money from being a tv celebrity, Edd rules bring on his show… all hale add China top bloke. Mike is a second hand car salesman and who really likes them anyway? Finding that special car to flip can be difficult, however, because it is very easy to fall in love with the very thing you should be making a profit from. The body was steam cleaned and polished. And as such the relative merits of Ed China and his replacement Ant is more a matter of who is the better showman. In the video, filmed at the Klingberg Vintage Motor Car Festival in Connecticut, Brewer says Edd turned out to be ‘not gracious’. To bad it had to end that way . Fast n loud gas monkey garage. Edd China served as the programme's mechanic for series 1 to 13; he was replaced by Ant Anstead in series 14. Brewer is full of himself and nota good presenter. Starting way back in 2003, Wheeler Dealers follows the exploits of Mike Brewer and Edd China (with mechanical assistance from Paul Brackley and others) as they purchase cars on a budget, address any issues said car may have and then try to sell them on for a profit. WD is typical of too many current TV shows.l think of them as “Brains and Arse shows”. The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever (Pt4). From series 7 onwards, each car was covered in a single 60 minute episode. Ed made the show!!! Actually, I see no difference in the tech part of the show which proves Edd was full of shit for his reasons to leave. According to, the budget for the Rover was 5,000 pounds and the purchase price was 3,850 pounds. The total cost of the 308 Dino after it was restored was 11,880 pounds and it reached a selling price of 13,000 pounds. He's also responsible for procuring replacement parts and sometimes specialists to refurbish expensive parts. Well actually he did not, the show was created by Daniel Allum and Michael Wood from Attaboy TV. and to bad mouth ,ed china just demonstrates brewers crap attitude The wheels were resprayed from black to silver and fitted with chrome spinner caps. Beginning with part 2 of Series 8, Brewer further expanded their horizon by touring the United States. Loved it!!! The XK8 was lowered with shorter springs, shocks, while XKR brakes and the mufflers were replaced with aftermarket models. 240 likes. Mike took all the credit for Ed’s hard work. How can you otherwise fairly critique something a TV show without actually watching it? The Lotus Elan S4 produced the largest profit on the show to date. After a selling price of 8,250 pounds, the Porsche 914 produced a profit of 2,940 pounds. Wheeler Dealers season 14 premiered last night (October 4) with Mike Brewer and his new co-host, Ant Anstead.What happened to Edd China on Wheeler Dealers?. Brewer summarises what the final selling price and profit is (or in rare instances what the loss is) and usually states that they have saved another vehicle to be enjoyed by the new owner. Totally agree fellas. 1993 Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II, "Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car - Season 1, Prime Video",, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. (Starting from series 5, prospective buyers who failed to buy the car are occasionally shown). Mike Brewer is a big fat wanker and knows less about cars than my dog.A friend of mine has known him for years and says I am wrong because I am insulting wankers.He howls like a deflowered virgin when he drives a car that ‘he says’ has power.What Brewer knows about cars can be written on his (very small) bell end Here’s the ideal show: Edd China comes on & says the show’s staff bought this car for £X.We see the car. Car and Driver called it a “fishbowl” due to the (mostly) glass cockpit. The budget for this project was 1,000 quid, final cost after restoration was 945 pounds with a selling price of 700 pounds. I switch channels when Brewer comes on, It’s constantly a repeat of what he does and says every single episode of every single series. According to, Phil Hill, James Hunt, Nikki Lauda, Alan Prost, and Keke Rosberg all were in the race, while of course, the Brazilian that took the place of Emerson Fittipaldi was none other than Ayrton Senna. I watched some of the new shows but remain of the fence as to whether the show is worth my while. The filler segments, however, used the following cars: Starting with series 11, Wheeler Dealers no longer uses cars on the filler segments. The programme is fronted by car enthusiast Mike Brewer. The selling price, however, was only 500 pounds, leaving the crew with a loss of 770 pounds. Through series 6, the project was presented in two 30-minute episodes. Full of shit and loud mouth. That’s the point of being a salesman, you sell cars ya Muppet. In this series made by X2 Productions Ltd, Brewer navigated his way through the culture and idiosyncrasies of the international used car trade, traveling to different countries. Good luck to both of them. ‘Mike was just buying crap cars for Edd to fix’….. Errrrrr that’s the whole point of the show, ‘we do proper restorations not like they do on the show’….. Wow you are just so amazing, I wish I could be like you ya wanker, , ‘ant said we have to put the plugs in the right order, that’s so basic’….

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