__________, which all managers have, is power that results from a manager's authority to reward his or her subordinates. Authority is the extent to which a person is able to influence others so they respond to orders. Sixth Edition. Leaders assess the situation and decide which tactic(s) would be most effective at changing their team’s behavior. Candy, L. (2013). _____ involves actively applying legitimate and coercive power to, Extreme forms of _____ include blackmailing colleagues, such as by, threatening to reveal the other person's previously unknown failures. It is also the ability to attract, and attraction often leads to acquiescence. Which of the following is NOT one of the main goals of U.S. foreign policy? Narcissism is a key positive leadership trait. Becoming a better influencer: 4 most effective influence tactics (part I). Which of the following is the most common form of influence in high. The follower may resist the leader’s efforts to modify his or her behavior, and it may occur in a few forms. Assertiveness: A. refers to the process of gaining support from one or more people with higher authority or expertise. The best leaders display both transactional and transformational leadership styles. unless he or she complies with your request. false . By understanding where they are at with their understanding, their time with the organization, and their overall educational level. The combination of a soft tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective than a combination of two hard tactics. A Servant Leadership Application. In the ______ leadership model, a leader makes desirable rewards available in the workplace and clarifies how followers can obtain them. This type of tactic does not hurt anyone. Any single or combination of tactics can be utilized regardless of its positive or negative, soft or hard, nature. _____ involves explicitly manipulating others' access to critical work. Which of the following is not one of the eight leadership styles proposed by the revised path-goal theory? Lesson Commentary 7: Power and Influence. The primary purpose of relationship-oriented leadership behavior is to ensure that people, equipment, and other resources are used in an efficient way to accomplish the mission of a group or organization. Which negative trait of some leaders is marked by a cynical view of human nature that condones opportunistic and unethical ways of manipulating people, putting results over principles? Which of the following is a form of "soft" influence tactic? From many years in the work force, I will say that all tactics are beneficial to the leader but a good leader must be able to choose the right tactic and actually use it. Influence tactics are the specific ways people attempt to exercise influence ... Soft tactics are more likely to result in commitment Too much dependence on any one tactic may lose its effectiveness Keep in mind what kind of attitudes and behaviors you desire when using tactics. The use of legitimizing tactic where the leader uses his position to apply pressure where needed is also an enhancing aspect of this combination. Retrieved from https://courses.worldcampus.psu.edu/sp14/psych485/ 001/content/07_lesson/03_page.html, Rykrsmith, E. (2011). After all, influence can also rest on the hard power of threats or payments. Yukl and Tracey’s influences – choosing the most appropriate approach to influence. The combination I offered is different than the one you feel is most important. Which of the following best describes the term "laissez faire"? There is an art to this science of persuasion, and it is described by a psychologist named Robert Cialdini (Science of Persuasion). The most innocent (soft) of influential tactics I’ve seen are those that my children use when they are trying to gain that extra hour of video game time with inspirational persuasion and bargaining power. 6 Influence tactics – using Cialdini’s science of persuation. Using these tactics to master the art of persuasion is an important function for leaders. I have found that rational persuasion with a clear logical and factual explanation for the job at hand coupled or meshed with the individuals or team through the process of consultation where the worker actually participates in the planning of the activity or work seems to produce the best results.

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