Family information Edith’s editor sent a letter to say he was coming to visit. Spanning 13 years of the early 20th century, "Downton Abbey" has seen its share of character deaths -- some more deserving than others. -to Edith about him becoming a German citizen (Episode 4), "I don't care. Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden) was also working on deceiving people. Married to Lizzy Gregson Unfortunately, once he leaves he does not contact Edith for a long time, and she begins to worry. Editor, Publisher of The Sketch -Edith to Rosamund (Episode 9), "Well, I suppose we all knew Mr Gregson was dead but the confirmation must have been very upsetting. Many in her family approved and encouraged her to accept, except her father, thinking Gregson just wanted to take advantage of her name and position. She told him his wife might be found. Unfortunately, in her grief one night she throws the book too close to the fireplace, starting a fire upstairs which is put out before any significant damage is done. Edith then insists Michael return the IOU for the rest of the money he got from Sampson, which he does for her, but not him.a. After Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol) bought a cottage, Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) realized he should prepare for the future with Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan). Nobody's heard from him, nobody can reach him. Robert also relates to Cora that Edith has inherited Gregson's publishing company (it is unknown if Edith inherited his money, home, and possessions too). Mr. Bates' mean old first wife killed herself and made it look like he'd murdered her. He graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1992. Edith Crawley Series creator Julian Fellowes insisted the dog's death had nothing to do with the unfortunate modern connotations of her name. Despite initial reservations that his situation would "frighten" Edith's family, he is also keen to earn her father's approval if he is to have a future with her. Cora remarks on Michael's generosity, and Robert surmises they must have loved each other very much. The doctor informed him nothing would change him, and Barrow realized he’d been duped into buying saline solution and a dirty needle. Cora is certain they would have heard if something terrible had happened. He professes that it took him a long time to accept she was "gone" and "wouldn't be coming back." But he agrees to keep the secret at Cora's request and believes he will love his granddaughter. Mr GregsonMichael (by Edith PelhamGregson (by Robert Crawley) Do you think Edith will return to Downton? Bates was looking in Anna’s room for her button box. Edwards starred alongside Hugh Bonneville in Mansfield Park and alongside Rade Sherbedgia in Batman Begins. He showed Miss Baxter he had an infection. Height He was the employer and lover of Lady Edith Crawley, and the late father of her only daughter, Marigold, of whom he would never know. In the script for. Miss Baxter knew he was the one who led Scotland Yard to her, but she helped him anyway. Anna (Joanne Froggatt) discovered Bates (Brendan Coyle) had an alibi for Mr. Green's murder, and Lady Isobel (Penelope Wilton) finally had an answer for Lord Merton’s (Douglas Reith) proposal. He was very artistic and very clever. Charles Edwards. Edith (Laura Carmichael, right) discovered the fate of Marigold's father Michael Gregson (Charles Edwards, not pictured) in "Downton Abbey" Season 5, episode 6. Mabel Lane Fox (Catherine Steadman) managed to snag an invite to Downton for the horse race. He tells Edith that she cannot imagine how much it cheers him to read her column, and to meet her when they do. Edith unfortunately becomes even more worried when she learns she is carrying Michael's child.

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