(affairs, murders, comedy, constant drama, chilling suspense, and more.) Who's with me? Edit, Presumably having confessed to Martha Hoober's murder he goes back to prison however given the circumstances it seems likely for a much shorter time. In an attempt to bring Orson and Alma back together, Gloria killed Monique, and Orson reluctantly decided to help her cover it up. Desperate Housewives: Why did Orson run over Mike? Jackson escapes and Mike falls into the loop unconscious. Patrick Logan: (1967-2014) - Car Explosion.53. ?-2006) - Involuntarily removed from life support.12. Orson feared that when the police found it he would remember he left his tools and Orson fixed the drain because Mike was called away. 0 0. With Trump gone will Faucci reverse course on Covid and say no need for a shutdown so that economy wont suffer under Biden? Considering Mike was a witness at the crime scene and could have the potential to be targeted for that, I have always thought that it was odd that he never discerned that motive and connected the dots beforehand in relation to his accident. Malcolm In The middle Episode opening with Dewey & Hal? In the Final Episode of Season 6 "I Guess This Is Goodbye" Lynett gave birth to her Child, so in the End of Season 7 the Baby must be 1 Year old, and in the Season 8 Episode 15: "She Needs Me" the Baby is not only mentioned but we can actually see her. Edit, This is the size of a new born baby: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120613232753/desperate/images/3/32/Promo_623_16.png Desperate Housewives is an American television comedy-drama and mystery series created by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. ?-2014) Plane crash.45. ? While Mike was gone Orson's mother played the late GREAT Dixie Carter murder Monique. Had someone he loved try to kill themselves? Daphne Bicks: (??? Fire Victim #3 (2013)36. Mona Clarke: (??? Of course, as I had written in an earlier post, last year's writers had originally planned to make Orson a con artist whom Mike had recognized from jail. By the end of the season, she moves to Paris with her new girlfriend and it is revealed in the series finale that she started a very successful frozen food business in France, which eventually expanded internationally.Edie is a real estate agent. Bold & The Beautiful...Do you think this is sickening? Delany was invited back in season 4 to play Katherine, who it was decided would be a character that would "out-Bree Bree".lhui Gilbert McCluskey: (??? Emily Portsmith: (??? He did it on purpose because Mike saw Orson at Monique's house the night she was killed. Caroline Bigsby: (??? 3 years ago. Fire Victim #6 (2013)39. Presumably, that baby was returned to his correct parents, though this is not specified on the show. 3 Answers. | | Later she leaves there to work full-time as the manager of the Scavo Pizzeria. Alma Hodge: (1963-2007) -- Fell from a roof20. ?-2005) Murdered with an axe.10. What happened to Gabrielle & Carlos' baby? But she doesn't look like a 1 1/2 Year old Child, but instead still look like a (new born) Baby. Patrick Scavo: (2013-2014) Miscarried.48. Edit, Wisteria Lane is located in the fictional town of "Fairview" in the also fictional "Eagle State." ?-2014) -- Strangled by an unknown assailant.43. Curtis Monroe: (1958-2006)-- Accidentally shot himself after falling through stairs9. The city is meant to be a symbol of idyllic suburban living that is often stereotypically associated with America circa the 1950's.It is also difficult to tell proximity because the show has referenced Chicago, New York City, and Salt Lake City, and not saying whether they are near or far from those cities. Rebecca Shepard: (??? For example, the show takes a look at the lives of a group of female friends, their husbands, their children and most importantly, the ghosts in their closets. Is it okay to watch Soap Operas only for the sex scenes? User Reviews Al Kominsky: (??? 3 years ago. ?-2014) - Plane crash.46. Mike didn't go to the first Lamaze class, as he received his 30-day chip (30 days without drugs) but was there for the second. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DesperateHousewives community, Continue browsing in r/DesperateHousewives. Who was the father of Gabrielle's baby? Does Mike know that Orson is the one who ran him over? Probably, though I'd still be wondering about Orson if I were him. I used to like that show. User Ratings Despite being informed that it was highly unlikely Gaby would be able to conceive children, by season six, Carlos and Gaby are the parents of two daughters - Juanita and Celia. Felicia Tillman: (??? Sylvia Greene: (??? Mike told Susan that Bree Hodge's husband, Orson, had run him over, Susan furiously told Orson to stay away from her family and told Bree what happened. ?-2014) -- Bludgeoned and Strangled to death.51. If Trump goes up in the election, will we then here about Russia meddling in the election? While, granted, there's probably no baby in there, that's definitely the appropriate size for a newborn.This is Paige Scavo in that Season 8 episode you referenced: 3 years ago. Get answers by asking now. Tom is mad because Tom didn't do anything wrong to loose his job while Orson ran over Mike. for the night. Yes, another Rick and morty plot idea. 0 0. do you agree with me that Sharon Stone is not beautiful? Martha Huber: (1962-2004) -- Strangled.3. Karl Mayer: (??? In the series finale it is revealed that in the future, she will also have her own fashion TV show.Susan is a children's book illustrator. Karen McCluskey (2015)- Brain cancer If you watched both versions of The Office, which one did you like better? He sleep walks and sleep talks about it. She then launches an interior design business with her friend Renée Perry. Dana Delany (Katherine) was the original choice to play Bree but she rejected the role because she thought it was too similar to a role she already played and Marcia Cross was cast instead. ?-2007) -- Natural causes.23. A counting crew that was reported to leave Before Big Little Lies, there was Desperate Housewives. Favourite answer it was because mike knew about orson and how he killed monique (actually it was gloria, orson's mom), and was there the night … 1 month passes between season three and season four. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Orson gave the bloody murder weapon to Mike. Edit, Awards Fire Victim #5 (2013)38. External Reviews He then visited Bree, bringing her flowers and she invited him into her house. ?-2013) -- Strangulation.33. So Orson meant to run him over but only because he was trying to … Juanita "Mama" Solis: (1935-2005) -- Car accident; hit and run.4. Mike had plenty of criminal brushups in his life though. As the ominous season finale drew to a close, for no obvious reason, Orson ran over Mike with his car, putting the plumber into coma for over 6 months. Lv 7. Orson ran over Mike in hopes that if/when the murder weapon was found they would assume Mike killed woman. She is fired in season 7 after it is discovered she also worked on an erotic website.Lynette used to work in marketing when she met Tom. While this is a very valid argument, the considerable age jump in the Scavo children at the beginning of season 5 is consistent with a 9 year and some month increase from the beginning of season 1. Why does Trump seem to think the SCOTUS works for him and not the American people? When she becomes pregnant with the second set of twins, she and Tom trade places again. Orson ran over Mike in hopes that if/when the murder weapon was found they would assume Mike killed woman. Why did Orson run over Mike at the end of Season 2. Season 3. This is the main mystery of Season 3 and is continously revealed up until Episode 3.15 (The Little Things You Do Together) When Orson's girlfriend Alma got pregnant, he was forced into an unhappy marriage with her by his mother Gloria, but started an affair with a woman named Monique Pollier. Ralph the Gardener: (1963-2006) - Car accident.11. Before learning about who actually ran Mike over, I'm surprised that Mike never considered the fact that his being run over might have been done by Orson or someone related to him. where can i watch scenes of amber and rick in b&b. Fire Victim #2 (2013)35. ?-2007) -- Sucked into a tornado.25. James. She later takes a position as an Art teacher at her son's elementary school. Still have questions? Why did Orson run over Mike? ?-2014) - Natural Causes.52. ?-2015) - Suicide by gunshot wound to the head55. 96: 9 "Me and My Town" David Warren: Lori Kirkland Baker: November 30, 2008 () 15.81 ?-2014) -- Strangled to death.50. | Bradley Scott: (??? Fire Victim #4 (2013)37. Lillian Simms: (??? ?-2015) Hit and Run58. I used to like that show. Relevance. Edit, Desperate Houswives is intended to be a dark comedy/soap drama. There have been 6 seasons, so about "6 years" worth of time, plus the 5 year time jump, that makes 11 years. My a high ax Rick n morty  plot or like South Park plot? Yes he did bc he thought Mike knew about what happened to his wife. 3 Answers. Why don't we make it easier for people to vote? Dr. Samuel Heller: (??? Lv 7. Orson's relationship with his mother is similar to that of Norman Bates from the classic movie. Bree finds it and demands Orson return it. Orson ran over Mike because he was.....there. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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