P. Shipley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog 12, ca. Skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, scootering, biking and many others. After several seasons, Eiki decided to change the cut of his Signature jacket and made a move from the Urban Mountain line to the Addicted to Powder segment. Harnesses 1970, Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Advertising Card, 1881 [photocopy], Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Advertising Cards, 1894 [photocopy], Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Catalog, ca. 1980, Miles City Saddlery Co., Catalog, ca. Free shipping available if your order for another A.D. Seitzler, Saddle Catalog, 1913 [photocopy], Ahlstrom & Gunther, Saddle Catalog 14, 1916 [photocopy], AL. Some western saddles will also have a second strap known as a flank or back cinch that fastens at the rear of the saddle and goes around the widest part of the animal’s belly. and he believed it to be one of his best works. 14,99 €, 48,99 € 1940 [photocopy], Hermann H. Heiser, Catalog 41, ca. Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. 1951, Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Catalog 35, 1952, Weaver Leather, Inc., Catalog, Price List and Dealer Form, 1992. 1931 [reproduction], Crockett Bit & Spur Co., Catalog 14, ca. Horsefeathers is introducing the best streetwear collection ever in the brand‘s long history. Another Anniversary! 1945, Renalde, Crockett & Kelly, Catalog 65 and Price List, 1965 [photocopy], Renalde, Crockett & Kelly, Catalog 70 and Price List, 1971, R. J. Andrew & Son, Catalog, ca. Ready To Ship. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. After several seasons, Eiki decided to change the cut of his Signature jacket and made a move from the Urban Mountain line to the Addicted to Powder segment. 1900 [photocopy], Miles City Saddlery Co., Catalog 26, 1925 [reproduction], Miles City Saddlery Co., Catalog 22, ca. Subject Headings: 16,99 €, 13,99 € 1892 [photocopy], S. D. Myres Saddle Co., Catalog, ca. On Facebook at: facebook.com/wild.horsefeathers.horse.gifts or Twitter at: Twitter.com/pony_tweets Receive notice of great savings, fan-only offers and share in some pretty interesting dialogue about fashion, fitness and fun with your peer horse lovers! Saddles If you can’t find the email from membership@chamberofcommerce.com in your inbox, check your “Junk” folder. Co., Catalog, 1966-1967. 1970 [photocopy], Bridger Creek Outfitters, Catalog, Price List, 1984, Bridger Creek Outfitters, Catalog, ca. 19,99 €, 149,99 € Frame can hang on a wall or sit on a tabletop with the wooden peg provided.Holds a 3" square photo. In this delightful new companion book to The Sleep Ponies, Gudrun Ongman (author and illustrator) weaves story, art and prose into an … 1940, N. Porter Saddle & Harness Co., Catalog 31, ca. 10, 2014, 03:27 PM. Real, wanderlusty and itching to change the world. The material in the this collection was gathered from unprocessed catalog collections; curator’s research files for a writing project concerning holsters, cartridge belts, and other gun leather; and purchases. Copyright does not belong to us. Stay up on all that we’ve got a brewin’ and we’ll give you 15% off and a little something! Click the link below and follow the instructions to opt-out of Wild Horsefeathers's mailings and name trading. Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam was an internationally recognized 4* event at Dachstein glacier that always attracted the best riders pumped on competing in … 60,00 €. 1956, The Colorado Saddlery Co., Catalog 162, ca. 1907 [photocopy], S. C. Gallup Saddlery Co., Catalog 9, ca. Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Catalog 54, n.d. Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Catalog 56, 1955, Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Catalog 5758, 1957, Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Inc., Catalog 64, 1963 [photocopy], Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Inc., Catalog 66, Price List, 1965 [photocopy], Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Inc.,Catalog 67, Price List,1966, [photocopy], Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Inc., Catalog 69, Price List, 1968 [photocopy], Chattanooga Saddlery Co., Inc., Catalog, Price List, 1969 [photocopy], Chicago Rawhide Manufacturing Co., Leather Goods Catalog, ca. 1950, Sears Roebuck and Co., Inc., Catalog, 1900-1901, Sentinel Butte Saddlery Co., Catalog 11, 1916 [photocopy], Southern Saddlery Co., Catalog, 1964 [photocopy], Southern Saddlery Co., Catalog 86, 1964 [photocopy], Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalog, 2000, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2001, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2002, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2003, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2004, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2005, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2006, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2007, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalogs, 2008, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalog, 2009, Southwest Indian Foundation, Catalog, 2012, Stockman Farmer Supply Co., Catalog 34, 1929 [photocopy], Stockman Farmer Supply Co., Catalog 44, 1934, Sunset Trails, Catalog, 1951 and 2 edition, ca. Now I’m simply making a pile of catalogs as they arrive in my mailbox and then going to Catalogchoice and searching for each specific catalog and canceling it. We challenged our customers to see just how creative they could be writing their own six word stories. We continue to wrestle with environmental sustainability, hoping we can find balance in this ever-changing world. Additional saddlery catalogs and related material can be found in the Ron Bledsoe Trade Catalog and Ephemera Collection. 1930, S. D. Myres Saddle Co., Catalog and Letter, 1936, S. D. Myres Saddle Co., Catalog, ca. Recycled combo Crescent jackets + Nelson pants are Halldor's choice for backcountry trips when filming. Want to join us? Life is Beautiful. Learn to fine-tune observation skills and see horses… Read more », Detailed Description Blackjack: Dreaming Of A Morgan Horse by Ellen F. Feld The first book in the “Morgan Horse Series,” introduces the character of Heather Richardson, a horse-loving youngster. 1942, Luis B. Ortega, Brochure and Letter, 1952 [photocopy], Otto F. Ernst, Inc., Catalog 13, ca. Location: Row 5, Bay A, Shelves 1-6 Front Cover: Apollo, age 12 is loved by Taylor Kaye Morrison, age 11. 8, 1970-71, Fred M. Stern’s Saddlery, Supplement Catalog, ca. You can track the status and the company's response on your dashboard.We promise to never share your name or postal information. Notes to Researchers: JBR933 b. Fantastic for any adventure, outing or even a picnic! Provenance Statement: We will submit your request. In this adventure, the young horse Shadow decides to explore the woods beyond her pasture. It has evolved into an integral part of daily farm life in the loft of a stable in Rhode Island. 1920s [photocopy], Blake Miller’s Famous Hand Made Saddles, Catalog 12, ca. Visalia is represented by more than a dozen catalogs, pocket calendars, brochures, and other items from the late nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century. 1945 [photocopy], The Colorado Saddlery Co., Catalog 10, ca. 1949, N. Porter Saddle & Harness Co., Catalog 37, ca. High-class fashion made into cool-looking outerwear. I recently took a trip down to Portland to visit some friends and enjoy the city. 1948, DeLuxe Saddlery Co., Catalog, Price List, 1941, DeLuxe Saddlery Co., Catalog, ca. Related Collections Horsfeathers/ Tereza Blog. 1937, Olsen-Stelzer Boot & Saddlery Co., Inc., Catalog, ca. G. H. Vaught & Sons Manufacturing Co., Catalog, n.d. G. J. Jedlicka Saddlery, Catalog 52, ca. 1928 [photocopy, p 1-99], F. A. Meanea Saddle Co., Catalog 4, ca. R. T. Frazier’s Saddlery, Catalog 29, n.d. Top materials, high 20.000 mm waterproofness, and essential technical features got his back during powder trips.

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