Doc Willie cited that “pulmonary” means lungs while “edema” means water. He is an actor and director, known for 42 (2013), Barney Miller (1975) and General Hospital (1963). However, the state maintained the lead on the investigation and the FBI offered technical assistance. Some former Phillies wonder whether chemicals in those early versions of synthetic turf could have increased the risk of brain cancer, but scientists say they know of no research that supports that theory. Now, one year after that promise of federal involvement and transparency, there are no further explanations on the causes of the deaths, and families and advocates continue to demand answers. “I think Darren’s passing has created a conversation,” said Jennifer Brusstar, the president and chief executive of the Tug McGraw Foundation. An estimated 12,390 new cases of the cancer were expected this year, according to the American Brain Tumor Association. Any web site our stories appear on must include a contact for your organization. It’s a document that states the name, date of birth, date of death, and the cause and location of a person’s death, and there are many reasons you might find you need a copy at some point in your life. It was impossible not to think about what had caused Daulton’s death and whether there was some unexplained correlation with baseball. It is considered the most aggressive and frequently diagnosed form of malignant brain tumor. Look for the "Republish This Story" button underneath each story. I recommend that you contact the state in regards to any findings regarding the investigation.”, Cliff Johnson of the MacArthur Justice Center in Mississippi, which has litigated prison conditions before, said, “I think a big part of the story is that when people die in jail, we don’t know any more a year later than we did when those people died.”, Johnson said that too often the government and the public’s shared attitude is dismissive: “Who really cares? Vukovich died of brain cancer at age 59 in 2007. It would be nice if there were some answers, if nothing else for going forward. In 2009, Daulton told a radio interviewer, “There’s probably no one in any sport that has taken more drugs than I have.”. Who even asks the questions?”. It’s sort of scary.”, Larry Andersen, who pitched for Philadelphia in the 1983 and 1993 World Series and is now a radio commentator for the team, said: “You can’t help but think about it. But he did not name the drugs. The Philadelphia Inquirer did an analysis. The players’ union also declined to comment. Cause of death: Undetermined. But no definitive link has been made between these things and brain cancer, scientists said. The report confirms that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and that it is a serious public health problem. The brain cancers of Daulton, McGraw, Vukovich and Oates appeared to represent an occurrence that was about three times the rate of the general male population, the analysis concluded. Here is a list of celebrities included in Part #1 below! “I think they should be a little more sensitive to this problem,” Dr. Franklin said. ... Willie Beir: Gender: Female: Description: Willie Beir was the wife of actor Max Gail. Visibly, the comedian was gasping for breath at the event before he passed out. This summer, several of Willie’s relatives gathered to comb through the box of Willie’s belongings Michele Nix Hollinghead had picked up from the prison agency. Brett, Quisenberry and Howser spent part of their careers in Kansas City, where the baseball park at that time, like Veterans Stadium, had artificial turf. The bruise, she figured, must have surfaced after Willie hit the floor. But John Kruk, a Phillies television commentator who was Daulton’s teammate from 1989 to ’94, said he tried not to let his mind wander in that direction. He said he and his family want to “rattle” the cage of a sprawling and seemingly indifferent prison system. He told The Inquirer that the seemingly elevated risk to baseball players could have resulted from chance. “Corrections takes a lot of criticism, and I get that,” Kinkade said. His family is still making calls to the Mississippi Department of Corrections, trying to find out what led to Willie Hollinghead’s last moments on the prison floor. He said further investigation into these issues might shed light on the death of his daughter. You can’t edit our stories, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. In an interview after Daulton’s death, Professor Rebbeck said scientists still did not know much more. The study fully supports EPA estimates that radon causes about 15,000 lung cancer deaths per year. One year ago, in the immediate aftermath in the spike of prison deaths, MDOT Commissioner Pelicia Hall released a statement that the state would call on the Federal Bureau of Investigations to assist  the Mississippi Department of Public Safety in investigating the deaths “in the interest of transparency.”. You are currently not logged in as a member of MyHeritage. No.”, There is simply not enough data “by a long shot,” Dr. Friedman said, to make any observation other than that “there is seemingly a large number of brain tumors in patients who have played professional baseball. For those familiar with the state’s prison system, the lack of transparency is nothing new. They already knew what was printed on the form: Name: Willie L Hollinghead Date of Death: 08/03/2018 Age at last birthday: 36 Facility name: South Mississippi Correctional Institution. Death records in this time period include the individual's age, occupation, place of birth and cause of death. His focus these days, Kinkade said, is on the 4,000 people who leave the prison system each year.

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