Connecting Livestock Buyers & Sellers: Your one-stop shop for livestock news, reports and sale listings. We then added some Dorper rams; however have decided during this process that we prefer the Wiltshire breed. 2019 NSW Sale Results Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Tel: 0417 112 327 | email:, low body fat, high muscle (red meat) content. 100kg, 4;year old. As far as livestock go, Glenys had a pretty small, small farm. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. "We start mating at seven months, once they've been weaned and vaccinated, so they can lamb at 12 months. Body lice (Bovicola ovis) infestation can occur on fleece-shedding and haired sheep, causing irritation and rubbing. Currently Available & Prices (inc GST) at July 2020. Des and Gloria Houlihan, “Peppers”, Manildra, made the switch to the Wiltipoll shedding breed nine years ago to reduce work load and produce meat, without the hassles wool growing can present. We just culled again this week and the ewes retained are 100pc cleanskins," Peter said. We invite you to contact us today to arrange an appointment and inspection of our flock. Poultry Photo and info from Wikipedia. Although the breed was created in the 1930s, it is still fairly new to the US. COVIDsafe practices ticked off by NSW Health, Search thousands of classified ads ONLINE. ... if not better, than the Dorper … 17/12/2014 . "At the time, the wool price was at rock bottom and these sheep had all the attributes I wanted. Body lice (Bovicola ovis) infestation can occur on fleece-shedding and haired sheep, causing irritation and rubbing. Although she has bred her own rams she has recently splashed out and bought in an outcross to inject new genetics in the 20 ewes she runs. "It gives lambs the longer leg of the Wiltipoll while getting the larger body of the Dorper." We were growing plenty of feed here and paying someone to come in and slash it so it seemed a better idea to buy a few lawnmowers to keep the grass down. Store cattle coming to Wodonga are weighing much heavier due to producers with grass holding onto them for longer. It is a plain bodied animal and shed it’s wool annually. 1 X Purebred Wiltipoll Ram Lamb - $100 8 X Crossbred Ram Lambs - $120 12 X Crossbred Ewes - $150 11 X Crossbred Whethers - $80 Many buyers walked away empty handed, unwilling to enter the firing market. SHEEP SWITCH: Peter and Jill Rundle, Lameroo, say the introduction of Dorpers and Wiltipolls and phasing-out of Merinos has taken a load off their shoulders as there is now no need for crutching or shearing and lambing is easy. "In contrast, the Dorpers are always fat and ready to go.". Des and Gloria Houlihan, "Peppers”, Manildra, have settled into retired life as Wiltipoll breeders because of their low maintenance and quality meat. The Dorper’s origins stretch back to the 1930s when there was a clear need for a sheep breed to produce fast-growing lambs with a high quality carcase under extensive conditions such as Australia. Australia's Horse Trading Magazine. Deer And she would have to ride there and ride back, “nearly always getting home well after dark”. With the breed offering both a reduced work load and production costs, Mrs Houlihan said focus on genetic selection had been achieved and allowed for targeting of profit driven traits. In 2011, the Rundles had an overall lambing-weaning percentage of 140 per cent with Merinos at 125pc, Wiltipolls at 143pc and Dorpers at 115pc. Australian White, White Dorper and Wilitpoll meat sheep. The couple decided to introduce Dorper bloodlines as Wiltipolls were seasonal breeders. As a teenager in northern Victoria she would have to milk 40 cows before being allowed to head off for pony club. Sitemap Wiltipoll. She has also had the vet out to one ewe and got some good hands-on advice and now manages lambing herself. Two Wiltipoll X Dorper ewes, $100 each . Australia’s premier industry field day event, the 2015 Commonwealth Bank AgQuip. 3567 Some of the obvious advantages of our Australian White, Wiltipoll and White Dorper breeds for meat rearing include: Our flock is Ovine Brucellosis accredited flock No. $250 for Ewe and $200 for Ram. Fifth generation wool grower Brad Cartwright attributes continued productivity to entry to ewe competition at Crookwell. They are excellent foragers and very hardy. Purebred Rams : Rams have now sold out and 2019 ram lambs have almost all been pre-ordered. Both rams and ewes are naturally polled. A mare that produced progeny so good one her foals was sold by Glenys as a 17-year-old stallion and since then has been owned as far afield as Queensland and Tasmania and now resides in Pakenham. The Wiltipoll sheep are very hardy animals and they are very easy to care. Our flock is Ovine Brucellosis accredited flock No. Privacy Policy Dorper X Wiltipoll rams (6 available) semi shedding, weight approx. "Out of 132 Dorper ewes we had 152 lambs which is how I remember that percentage," Peter said. The breed association was formed in 1996 and has expanded rapidly. Sheep are grazed on 485 hectares of pasture including barley sown for sheep feed, medic and veldt grasses.

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