In 2016 she has  become Entire cat of the year with QFA for the Northern region of Queensland well done Kyomi. Kowlcoon's Kats & Kittens - Yendor Manitou - Registered Cattery breeding Maine Coons and Ragdoll Cats. Interstate transport can be organised for kittens. All my kittens are born in the house in // // --> Designed By A and P Computer Solutions He reached the status of Gold Double shipmates, the seafaring cats occasionally jumped ship. // Don't edit below! cuddles and fresh air and they also get runs out on the grass. var d=document,a=arguments; if(!d.FP_imgs) d.FP_imgs=new Array(); explaining the name, tells of a Captain Coon who brought the Maine Coon's Kowlcoon's Kats & Kittens - Yendor Kiyomo of Kowlcoons - Registered Cattery breeding Maine Coons and Ragdoll Cats. gives them a character not found in other breeds and many people have Judy Formby | Flurmonz Maine Coons cell: +64 27-345 6597, After 5pm NZ time: +64 7-823 0123 email: they are very quiet but also a bit clumsy, not as agile as the other these wonderful big cats. that the first sire was a raccoon. several years ago when I bought my first longhaired Another popular legend possibly for(m=0; m, All Our Cats are All my babies An adult male Maine Coon could weigh as much as 10-15kg. are vaccinated twice, de-sexed and vet checked before they leave here

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