Now scared, the man tries to hurry through his shower, trying to ignore her constantly growing and insane demands for random body parts. And to make matters worse, a man with grey skin and red eyes starts banging on the glass. In Season 5, the children are not seen playing on the swings. Creepy...The whole Zanbai thing puzzled me until the accident happened. She tells Haru that she enrolled in the same school she did and made it off the waiting list. This legend has been whispered around many a Japanese elementary school, similar to the way in which children in the West whisper about seeing Bloody Mary in a mirror. His suspicion fueled by what she said, the patient opens the door slightly for a quick peek when the door opens suddenly, pushing the man onto his back. In 1964, when the Japanese government established the Tsurugi-san Quasi-National Park, all further excavation was banned for environmental reasons and the mystery of the ark in Japan was buried forever. He embraces his mother, and the two of them walk home. Terrified, she runs out of the school with more and more ghosts giving chase. A university student is invited to her friend's apartment to have dinner. She says, the voices told her that. The next day, there is rumour and gossip at a school about two students who committed suicide, painting their rooms red with their own blood. But she ignores her and demands her lipstick. The Ark, according to the Bible, was the ancient receptacle of the Ten Commandments. The woman reaches for the handle and the man runs away, dropping the umbrella, but the woman gives chase. She looks closely at the air conditioner; she notices the sound of a man's sigh and an eye suddenly appears, looking at her. Horrified, he confesses that he didn't actually write the novel, and the auditorium falls silent. But as she looks around, she finds claw marks all over the walls and floors of the cave. The fish woman laughs as it pulls him under the water. The student struggles internally over what to make of the black mass and why her friend cannot see it. The man follows, but she locks the door on him. Too late, student sees the black mass devour her friend, and she flees. On the way to the village, the husband explains about a "swamp offering", a custom the villagers have held for generations. She plucks the petals, saying, "She'll come, she won't come." It then shuts off, along with an eerie sound. As a result, they died. At the Yms-mart, he stops to read a newspaper before deciding it's getting late. As the ceremony begins, Haga notices the audience's blank expressions and lack of attention, likening the scene to a funeral. Japanese synonyms, Japanese pronunciation, Japanese translation, English dictionary definition of Japanese. The most famous case of hitobashira relates to the Matsue Castle in Shimane prefecture. That night, she awakes to a strange sound coming from the floor board. A young university student is taking a break from his studies to look out the window. The rumor recently emerged once again. Satoshi backs away from the ghost, only to fall from the branch. Finally, Haru has had enough and blatantly tells her to stop copying her. She ignores his concern and starts plucking the petals off, saying, "I'll go home, I won't go home." In 720 BC, the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by ancient Assyria. The next night, at 9:15 PM again, the deliveryman arrives with the second package. The man complies again and tosses his bucket over, but is curious as to how there are no others since they are the only customers. The story ends with a scene of the old house with a new straw doll looking out the window; this one wearing Takeshi's clothes and voices singing throughout the house, "Are you ready? The story ends with the sound of blood splattering and a scene of the phone swaying in the booth, its interior covered in blood. A shadow takes the form of the old man then puts on the mask as he introduces the story. If you leave them alone, they’ll likely ignore you. She explains how he remembered how he once clung to her during a thunderstorm when he was little. The old man shushes him, telling him, "It's coming again..." He grabs the hiker by the shoulder and demands that no matter what happens, do not open the door until the blizzard passes. The hiker is about to open the door when the old man stops him. Then, there is silence... Tomoko suddenly hears someone whispering, calling out for help. Japan is a country with an absorbing past and a fascinating future. Honestly though, who lets their kid walk around at night? The next day, she returns to the basement and opens the locker to find that the photo had disappeared. Unlike other creepy Japanese creatures, the Jinmenken are harmless enough. The participants ask Kokkuri-san a question and the spirit moves the pen, just like a spirit would on a Ouija board. She suddenly starts to become worried, but tells a questioning Mai not to worry, and yet... Mai suddenly realizes her seminar is starting, prompting her to leave. He tries to close it again, but this time, it will not budge. A clawed hand opens the bedroom door and rats scurry out. It's then that she notices a pale-skinned, dark-haired girl dressed in black sitting on a bench on the platform across from her. The main characters in the ad were a woman in white and a young boy, dressed up as a tiny ogre. She asks if she believes in ghosts, and Mai expresses her doubts. Then it's revealed that the kids are nothing more than a pair of heads, but even worse, they are the feet of a giant spider with peoples' heads for feet that leaves a trail of slime as it walks. Are you ready? Hide breaks, and confesses that it was because he was too lazy to save Tarou that she died in the car accident. During the night of a festival, two girls: Miki and Asako, enjoy themselves at the stands, playing games and eating candy. Figuring what the creepy man doesn't know won't hurt him, the worker takes the umbrella and walks away. He wonders when it will stop raining when he sees a girl in a tie-dye shirt doing the "loves me, loves me not" game of plucking flower petals and repeating, "It'll stop, it won't stop." Japan is a vegetarian paradise wrapped in a vegetarian hell. As he settles down into his room, he notices an odd notice at the bottom of the program guide, "Notice of Termination of Service". She finally gathers up the nerve to ask him out, but the hands press into her face, so much so that it hurts. Mari continues to scream about her hair as her reflection declares that Mari must die since only her reflection "needs to be the prettiest." As a result, they died. While teaching, she notices the same boy is sitting in the back of the class drawing. If you say red, you’re guaranteed to get sliced up into pieces. A lot of Japanese urban legends basically say this: Don’t ever freakin’ travel alone. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. She says it's something kids would do, wanting to be a grown-up. A young school teacher named Asako moves from Tokyo to teach in the country. A spectral baby suddenly appears next to her and she asks why her. Well, how about ones that threaten you with imminent death? During the fire, many saleswomen in kimono were forced onto the roof of the eight-story building. Terrified, she runs away. She wonders where it was coming from. At this point many of Israel's tribes disappear from history. He takes his seat, feeling slightly uncomfortable by the atmosphere in the bus. As the hiker rests, he recalls how his son Takeru had to go to the hospital, but made a promise to him to climb the mountain with him when he gets out. On August 8, he talks about his mother walking a lot and wanting to talk to her, but deciding not to. He takes his seat in the back tells the driver where to go and relaxes. He hears housekeeping and swings open the door, demanding what is wrong with this hotel. According to legend, anyone who tries to get a closer look at it is driven insane or dies when touching it. Modified by melina_putri, Jul 21, 2013 2:39 PM A woman, whom the man she's with claims to be an actress, tells his date she wants him. According to some, the hair is annually trimmed. When her friends ask if something's up, Mai tells her her secret and gives them the warning to not tell anyone. The first season was directed by Tomoya Takashima, with scripts written by Hiromu Kumamoto and produced by ILCA. Suddenly, the door rattles and the phone starts ringing. The doll's fingers begin twitching and its eyes start moving. The moment he walks up on stage, he sees the audience and the host have become bare, deformed skeletons clapping their hands. She removes it only to find nothing. Suddenly, he experiences a blackout in his apartment. Soon, the students are screaming for him to stop, but he can’t. He agrees, but then stops, realizing that if the old man dies, he won't have to worry about being kicked out of the apartment. A shivering old man is huddled in a corner of the shack. [19] Rumors and legends about Hanako-san have achieved notable popularity in Japanese primary schools, where children may challenge classmates to try and summon Hanako-san.

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