Defeat it. Kanatana – Nation of Light (Yellow) should be a favorable choice for those who want to strategize around surprising opponents with instant re-balancing of minions’ strength and numbers in the field. Humans called <Concodes> and ultra-high-performance AI called <Codeman> team up as buddies to compete in the card battle game ZENOZARD. Bright and full of energy. Manusia disebut dan AI teknologi kecerdasan buatan yang mutakhir disebut bergabung menjadi sebuah TIM demi bersaing dalam permainan kartu ZENOZARD. This game also gives you an assistant to help determine actions in each situation. ACI - Trust it. Claims to suffer from amnesia. Every match you engage in earns you experience points to rank up and each new rank comes with an extension of your buddy AI’s max level. On top of the regular ranked match, there is also a quest mode you should engage in. You buddy AI essentially gains experience much like you do with every single match you engage in. Secondly, having an idea about what each card can do will also help you set up ways on how to deal with them effectively in a duel if ever you encounter them in the opponent’s deck. If you have played Zenonzard for a bit and have enjoyed it enough to know that you will be playing it for a long time, then it will certainly help you in the long run to have a an idea about how each cards work. Get unlimited z stones on using Zenonzard mod apk. You can basically try out different tactics in any battle you have already gone through to check if you can perform better in them. There are 7 basic colors that categorize cards with 1 color being neutral and forms part of practically every deck. On top of your buddy AI reaching new levels, you should also continuously hone your dueling skills and strategies along with deck-building knowledge. This nation is best for those who want to have forces that stay longer in battle. A martial artist codeman who seeks strength above all else. If you already installed TapTap, please sign in to your account here to install this game on your device. These two categories of missions offer unique rewards, and some that are very challenging to obtain anywhere else in the game. Again, exposure and time spend on the matches yourself are the best keys to reaching the top of the ranks so be sure to exercise a lot of patience to learn as much as you can with every match you engage in. She is the straightforward type in which jokes often go over her head. Just go with the highest compatibility score, if you’re not just picking one that suits your fancy. With the random element of securing additional cards, and the absence of additional costs creating extra decks, it would be best to try and build 1 deck for each color early on before focusing on which one you are most comfortable with to use more than the rest moving forward. A perfectionist who seeks beauty in all things and hates waste. Your Buddy AI will make helpful suggestions after considering thousands of possibilities. When you tap on eah pre-built top deck, you can see the components down to how many of each card Is needed. ZENONZARD MOD APK Feature 3. Zenonzard The Animation add. SMS verification code has been sent to+86xxxxxxxxxxxx, *Please use your real name and valid ID number to submit your real name verification. With a current library of 753 cards and 16 unique ACI to fight alongside with and challenge, Zenonzard guarantees that no two decks in a match will have the exact same components just like no 2 matches will be entirely the same. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. While the end goal is to be proficient in both deck-building and dueling all on your own, it is best for you to initially go with your buddy AI’s recommendations with regard to actions within a match and deck-building. * The use of any images and text from this website is strongly prohibited without explicit permission. This codeman possesses a strong sense of justice and shows no mercy to those who go against the law. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. can I change as many times as i want to? Official website: Facebook: As this applies to "all those who seek help," his rescues are not limited to sites of disaster. ACI - Trust it. Along with the CPU and PvP battles players expect in digital card games, Zenonzard brings new elements to the genre, such as AI cultivation and the idea of fighting against, as well as alongside, AI. Baik yang Musiman sampai dengan yang terbaru Blunt and rough. For some reason, he has trouble interacting with females. The time is very important and this can help players reverse the game. On top of each deck having different traits and unique compositions, you need to equip 2 different forces to support your deck’s strategy. Choosing from among the colors which one to go for as well as getting to know each card and how they synchronize with the rest. It would help a lot if you view the deck afterwards to know what each card in it can do prior to taking it for a spin. Beyond that, seeing a few cards from the opponent’s deck will then give you an idea of what else he is packing under his sleeve. He tends to view the world in black and white. Machinas – Nation of Machines (White) specializes in force protection as well as having both offensive and defensive raw strength. ✓ Unlimited Z Stones✓ No need to root ✓ Install the apps directly on mobile ✓ SSL Secured Encryption ✓ Easy User Interface, Latest changelog: ☑ Pop-up clogging up whitelist, Requirements: ☑ Android 4.0 versions or above ☑ Stable internet connection ☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended ☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources). The anime is an extension of an AI-assisted card game called Zenonzard, where players battle against each other with the help of their Artificial Intelligence assistant, called Codeman, who guides their play. You can also replay some of the previous matches you engaged in and even choose a different decision in any turn. ZENONZARD is a card strategy game from BANDAI. While a lot of rewards are obtained from various matches, more can actually be earned by accomplishing various missions. Zenonzard is a brand new type of digital card game, equipped with a specialized card game AI developed by the HEROZ Inc. AI "HEROZ Kishin" using a variety of machine learning techniques. Beyond peering through the card library, another step to help you prepare your very own ultimate deck is by looking into the components of the top decks in Zenonzard. There is certainly a lot to learn in Zenonzard even for experienced and veteran CCG enthusiasts. In truth, it is difficult to build a full deck without employing cards from this group. Zenonzard cheats generate unlimited money. so I went with ye gambling girl Medila, and while i quite like her i wouldnt mind trying out some of the other chars. While engaging in duels can be very challenging especially to the uninitiated, deck-building can be an even grittier task. Hum Hum! Dedicated to his work with an unyielding personality. Related: Zenonzard Best Cards Tier List: The Best Legend Cards for Building Powerful Decks. "ZENONZARD" English version is official released! This nation also specializes in eliminating minions and forces. You can start off by building one deck for each color with the help of your buddy AI and if you find the time, look into each one and edit it further to your liking. She doesn/t seem to understand personal space. Aguma – Nation of Fire (Red) is known for imposing aggressive strategies as characterized by flooding the battlefield with minions faster than most other nations. As minions typically cannot attack the same turn they came into play, most minions of this nation have the charge ability and can deal damage the turn they enter the field. Basically, accomplishing this each day will guarantee you accomplishing the weekly and monthly missions as well. If you see a lot of exclamation marks on the card roster, then you still have a long way to go. Close • Posted by 5 minutes ago. Defeat it. One of the nation’s unique skill is the pierce ability, which enables its minions to have the excess portion of the damage it inflicts on enemy missions down to its original target. Well, in addition to the gameplay features that you already know, this game also provides 16 Al characters, for players to use one of them. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. His ideology and raison d'etre are completely unknown. How important is to choose the character accordingly to the precision score? The only limitations are the use of buddy hearts when you choose to enable auto battle on for the duration of the match, letting your buddy AI fight for you all the way. As in other card games, your goal is to finish your opponent`s Life to 0. At the deck-building page, tap on the “change force” button to equip and change forces. Rumor has it her interests don't match her hard exterior. sorry for the barrage of questions i just didn't see any info on it since it isnt really gameplay related and the guides dont mention it, It will go back to lv 1 but your current codeman will retain all levels and progressions. I got it, watching the preview I thought thay had different ways of giving suggestions! While it is fairly easy to memorize what you need to accomplish relative to the first 3 groups of missions, you may have to revisit the other and event missions often to keep track of your progress in each objective. For one, it will take some time and several matches to get fully accustomed to the basic mechanics of Zenonzard even with the tutorial, so having your codeman take point for the duration of each match will give you more familiarity of each phase and the actions you can do within each one. Be sure to look into the details of each match, most especially if the data shows some poor decisions along the course of the match. If you feel overwhelmed by the details and mechanics you need to understand or if you are having a difficult time bagging some victories in matches, then read our Zenonzard beginner’s guide, as it comes with plenty of useful tips, cheats and strategies. so will their advice now be kinda shit in comparison to my higher level one? He may appear pompous but is actually dedicated and docile. You can actually build each one although for starters, you will not easily acquire all the needed card components for any of these decks.

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