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Sergey Kraljko


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Viktor Bozhko        Sergey Kosovskiy
Alexsandr Kupriyan        Alexsandr Makarevich


SBS "Isobelino" is located in the Molodechno district of the Minsk region. Its main activity is to conduct breeding work on the creation of carp breeds, to preserve and improve its genetic diversity, to produce breeding material for its further use in fish-breeding organizations in order to improve fishery performance indicators.

SBS "Isobelino" is the only specialized fish farm in the republic, intended for conducting similar studies. It created a unique collection of Belarusian (Isobelinsky, Lahvin, Tremlyansky) and imported (Yugoslav, German, freesinet, sarboyan, Amur sazan) tribal herds of carp breeds. In 2015, SBS "Isobelino" received a passport of the subject of pedigree livestock breeding - "Breeding plant for carp breeding, gene fund farming" (passport No. 0000170 of 05.01.2015).

A reproductive complex has been built in the Isobelino SBS, which will allow to carry out scientific research on the development and improvement of artificial reproduction technologies for native and pond fish. To obtain up to 30 million larvae of fish annually, including 10 million pieces of larvae of clean lines and 20 million pieces of larvae of native fish species.