Republican Daughter Unitary Enterprise
«Fish Industry Institute»

Laboratory of selective breeding

Head of the Laboratory

Ph.D. in Biological sciences

Yaroslav Sheyko

tel. +375 17 365-80-52

Leading Researcher

Maria Kniga



Leading Specialist

Voytyuk Tatyana

Research Assistant

Ekaterina Savicheva


Research Assistant

Zhmoydyak Daria



Research Assistant

Dmitriy Kostyukevich



Research Assistant

Vitaliy Korneev


 The main directions of еру scientific research

Carp selection, creation of breeds, breed groups and crosses, which have fast growth rates, good feed assimilation, improved vitality and improved consumer properties.

Formation, study, identification and maintenance of the breeding gene pool of fish with enhanced combinational ability on the basis of the creation of highly productive two and three-linear broodstocks of carp and other fish-breeding objects.

Development of effective technologies for the formation and maintenance of genetic diversity in the breeding population of native and valuable fish species.

Research and establishment of perspective directions of use of interspecific and interbreeding fish hybrids.

Development and improvement of computer programs for breeding and reproduction of fish, integration of software and hardware in fish farming.