Republican Daughter Unitary Enterprise
«Fish Industry Institute»

Laboratory of pond and industrial fish farming

Head of the Laboratory

Ph.D. in Agricultural


Sergey Panteley

tel. +375 17 365-98-41

Senior Researcher 

Violetta Sennikova


Research Assistant

Tatyana Yurchenko



Research Assistant

Irina Savchenko

 Research Assistant

 Anastasia Kruk


 Research Assistant

Anton Zaharchenko



 The main directions of еру scientific research

Expansion of the species diversity of farmed fish as objects of pond and industrial fish farming.

Reducing the cost of growing planting material and uterine stadic fish by introducing new technological methods.

Adaptation to the conditions of artificial reservoirs of Belarus of valuable fish species, the cultivation of which does not require the cost of concentrated fodder.

Development of ways, means, technologies to increase natural fodder base and fish productivity of ponds.

Rational use of mineral fertilizers and ameliorants.

Monitoring and management of water quality: research on aquatic ecosystems.

Ecological research of natural and artificial reservoirs for the purpose of their restoration and further fishery usage.