Republican Daughter Unitary Enterprise
«Fish Industry Institute»

Laboratory of fish farming and fisheries in natural reservoirs

Head of the Laboratory

Ph.D. in Biological sciences

Vladimir Kostousov

tel. +375 17 365-83-91

Senior Researcher

Georgy Prishchepov




Tatyana Baran


Taisiya Popinachenko



Research Assistant

Marina Kononova

Research Assistant

Aleksey Pashkevich



The main directions of еру scientific research

Studies in the biology and ecology of economically important fish species, the formation of stocks and their rational use.

Development of regimes for conducting a rational fishery on natural water bodies.

Assessment of the state of the fishery resource base, development of methods for increasing it.

Development of technologies and technological documents of artificial reproduction and cultivation of some economically valuable commercial fish.

Development of fish-processing documentation for cage and pasture fish farming in natural reservoirs.

Development of fish-biological grounds for the management of fisheries and technological schemes for fish farming at leased water bodies.

Development of biological justifications for stocking and justification for the extraction of aquatic animals not classified as fishing.

Calculation of damage to the fishing industry from construction and excavation, discharge of sewage, accompanied by the death of fish.

Expert opinions on fishery resources and fisheries management.